Providing Superior Catering for Chicken BBQ Fundraisers & Charity Events

For over 65 years we at Chiavetta’s have been lending our services to charities and fundraising groups across WNY. Whether you’re raising money for your church, school group, or raising money for those in need, Chiavetta’s is WNY’s premiere option for BBQ chicken dinners.

Minimum Requirements and Pricing Guidelines


Our minimum for on-site fundraising events is 300 1/s of chicken. On peak season dates ( typically FRI-SUN during the summer) our minimum may be increased from 300 to 360. In addition to your contracted amount we also provide additional chicken for your event that we designate as “protection”. This is chicken that we bring with us in the event that your requirements exceed the amount of chicken ordered. There is no additional charge for this unless the protection chicken is cooked.

In addition to our famous BBQ chicken, we can also supply sides, as well as paper products for your event.

salad packages: include a choice of two sides as well as roll and butter (please call for available sides)

  • Homemade sides (package “A”): Salads prepared from scratch in house by our kitchen staff………………………………………………….+$1.60/meal

  • Commercial sides (package “B”): Pre-made, high-quality sides from SYSCO®……………………………………………………………………………………….+$1.50/meal

Paper & Silverware Supplies Price List Paper & Silverware Supplies Price List

  • 10 1/4″ Hard plastic plates, 500 per case – $66.00

    • 125 per bundle – $19.00

  • Hinged Takeout Containers w/3 compartments, 200 per case – $23.00

  • Pre-Wrap (Knife, Fork, Napkin,Wet nap, salt & pepper), 500 per case – $61.00

On the day of your event, our staff will arrive on location to set-up and cook in the location designated by your organization. Your organization will be responsible for the assembly and serving of the meals. If you have chosen to order a salad package we do not require you to provide cold storage for the sides, we have the ability and equipment to keep the sides on our vehicle.

PLEASE NOTE: For the best results, our cooking fire is placed directly on the ground (grass, stone, soil), and a dark scar will remain. It is the organization’s responsibility to notify your grounds maintenance people about the damage and the re-seeding of the grass. If this is a problem, please notify us so that we may discuss an alternative cooking service, such as asphalt or blacktop. If alternate arrangements are indeed needed, these must be addressed far enough in advance. We cannot place our fires directly on asphalt or concrete, but in most cases we are able to raise the fire off the ground with steel decking.

Tips for Making Your Catering Event a Success

PRESALE: Pre-selling tickets before the date of your event is the best way to successfully gauge the size of your event. One suggestion we offer is to have each member of your organization responsible for selling a certain amount of tickets. You may also find it helpful to make your pre-sale tickets a different color than the ones you will be selling the day of the event.

ADVERTISE: Secondary to your pre-sale will be “at the door” sales. Chiavetta’s will do several things to assist you in jump-starting your advertising campaign, including placement of your event on the calendar located on our BBQ’s & Events page, as well as being listed with our other upcoming events on our Facebook page.. Several weeks prior to your event, we will send you posters with the Chiavetta’s logo that you may personalize with your event’s information.

NOTE: Please let us know if your event is not going to be open to the public or if you are going to sell on a “presale only” basis, so that it is not inadvertently advertised.

COMMUNICATION: It will be helpful to know how you will be serving your customers (take-out, drive-thru, etc.). This may help us anticipate any special needs you may have. Be sure to keep us informed of any special circumstances such as great distance between cooking and serving sites or restricted access to water.

GET US YOUR FINAL COUNT ON TIME: While we will always make every effort to accommodate any last minute changes you may need to make, we ask that you please have your final order to us at least one week prior to your event.

FOOD HANDLING TIPS: The following is in accordance with the New York State Department of Health:

  • The use of “home canned” or home prepared food is absolutely prohibited, both as an ingredient and/or individually served or sold.

  • Hot food must be maintained at 140 degrees Fahrenheit or above and cold foods at 41 degrees or below at all times.

  • Keep time between preparation and serving as short as possible. Do not pre-portion ahead of time unless proper refrigeration is available.

  • No bare hand contact is permitted when handling ready to eat foods. Plastic gloves, deli paper or utensils will be permitted.

  • All food workers must wear clean clothing. Hats and/or hair nets are required.

  • All food workers must be free from illness, sores, and cuts and shall use hygienic food handling practices. No smoking in food stands.

  •  All food items, including ice and single serve items must be stored off the ground or floor surfaces on stands, minimum of 6 inches.

  • You may be required to obtain a temporary health permit in order to sell food items to the public. Please contact your local Health Department for more information.

For more information, please contact your local County Health Department:
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